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The Center for Food and Hospitality Research

Produce, transmit, valorize original knowledge and expertise and contribute to the improvement of the well-being of the populations, whatever the age and the context of meal or reception, in France and abroad.


  1. Train future professionals, competent and open to the world of tomorrow, for industry, academy, public institutions.
  2. Leading scientific projects in response to current and future societal challenges, thanks to our unique resources.Innovate, create new methods, new products, new services.


Food & Food Service - Science & Innovation


Training based on multidisciplinary research that serves the hospitality, catering and culinary arts trades

The theses are driven by three objectives: education, science and real world application.

EducationPhD students are enrolled in a local, national or international university doctoral school (depending on the project) and they work on a thesis within a specific scientific discipline. The issue examined in each thesis originated from an operational or societal question and the work aims to advance scientific knowledge, as well as to propose practical applications.
The doctoral students are supervised by one of the Institute’s researchers and an academic director and they benefit from the expertise of an ad hoc steering committee consisting of researchers and professionals.

Thanks to a solid 3-year program featuring various training activities, the doctoral students are trained to perform research, manage projects and communicate scientific findings. While maintaining a fully multidisciplinary vision, they are able to acquire mastery of various different concepts and techniques. They perform experiments at the Institut Paul Bocuse or conduct studies at partner establishments (hotels, school cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes).

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Research in Nutrition & Eating Behaviour

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