Perception and promotion of products in restaurants: “How to design and supply products with high added-value ?”.

PhD :
Carole JEGOU
Preview :
The scientific objective of this doctoral program is to explore perception of products in restaurants and to identify ways to leverage their promotion. Operational objective is to suggest strategies to design and supply products offers with high added-value. The framework will be experimental & behavioral economics and sensory evaluation fields. Research work will rely on experimental methods that apply to the restaurant environment.
Supervisor :
Bernard Ruffieux
Graduate School :
ED Sciences Economiques n°300 - Université Pierre-Mendès-France (UPMF) Grenoble
Partners :

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  • Altered taste Symposium
    A Symposium on altered taste organised by three partners : Flinders University (AU), Newcastle University (UK) and the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center.

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