ISPAR- Innovation & Science For Food and Food Service

Supported by the program PIA3 - Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (Future Investment Program)


Presentation of ISPAR- Innovation & Science For Food and Food Service

ISPAR - Innovation & Science Pour l'Alimentation et la Restauration (Innovation & Science for Food & Food service) is a program to support all stakeholders in designing tasty, healthy and sustainable food, using skills and resources of the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center and its partners.

ISPAR's first objective is to bring together public and private multi-sector partners to share knowledge and participate in collaborative projects.

The second objective of ISPAR is to propose a complete technical platform with a range of services available to all actors.

Technical Platform

  • Propose an accessible service offer, available to all stakeholders
  • Exploit the technical skills and resources of the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre and its partners

New infrastructures at the cutting edge of technology and digital tools

Infrastructures dedicated to creativity - CREA

Infrastructures dedicated to the characterization of products and individuals - TEST

Infrastructures dedicated to evaluation - IN SITU

Themes of Collaborative Projects

  • To study the mechanisms of tasty, healthy and sustainable food
  • To know expectations and needs
  • To develop and test prototypes

Theme 1: Consumers and their differences: new expectations, new practices
Theme 2: Tasty and healthy meals adapted to different populations: elderly people, children, patients, tomorrow's consumers.
Theme 3: Innovative and sustainable restaurants: digitalization, more vegetables, recycling, take-away, locavorism

How to join ISPAR?

For any questions or requests, please contact Raphaëlle Mouillefarine, in charge of partnership development:

Institut Paul Bocuse

Château du Vivier - Ecully - France
Tel: +33 (0)4 72 18 02 20

20, place Bellecour - Lyon - France
Tel: +33 (0)4 78 37 23 02


Raphaëlle Mouillefarine
Partnerships Development
Send an email
+33 (0)4 26 20 97 63


Appel à participation

Dans le cadre d'un projet de recherche, nous avons besoin de sujets de plus de 18 ans atteints ou non de cancer, pour répondre à un questionnaire en lien avec votre alimentation. (10 minutes maximum)
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