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Institut Lyfe Research & Innovation Center

Created in 2008, the Institut Lyfe Research & Innovation Center (formely Institut Paul Bocuse) is a non-profit association. This unique research centre brings together science and gastronomy to create knowledge, train PhDs and to innovate.

We train future PhD students through a research programme established in partnership with local, national and international universities. The Research Center is multidisciplinary and strives for originality. It combines academic expertise in social sciences, cognitive sciences, nutrition and food sciences.

We also offer tailor-made services and innovative methods: from culinary creativity, to product testing in-real-life situations, and to quantitative and qualitative data analysis, for all actors of the food industry, for public and private clients, in France and abroad.

The Science and Innovation departments combine their expertise with the knowledge of restaurant and hospitality professionals.
This work aims to better understand the mechanisms of how to provide tasty, healthy and sustainable food and to develop, test and deploy solutions for all, whatever the age and the context of consumption, in France and internationally.

Meeting the challenge of tasty, healthy and sustainable food for all and in all contexts

To be a key international player in research and innovation for food and catering

Bringing together Science and Gastronomy to create knowledge, train PhDs and innovate



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Institut Paul Bocuse

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