Transnational food dynamics. Brazilian immigrants food practices in France and French immigrants food practices in Brazil.

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This thesis in anthropology reports on research in the context of transnational food dynamics. It focuses on the contemporary food practices of Brazilian immigrants in France and those of French immigrants in Brazil. The methodology has consisted of a comparative approach through the realization of two ethnographies on the immigrants’ food in 2018 and 2019, the first one among Brazilians in France (Lyon) and the second one among French people in Brazil (Salvador). At the crossroads of the respondents' social situations and their imaginations about the two countries of immigration (France and Brazil), the fieldwork reveals two groups of individuals with very divergent socio-cultural situations but sharing similar representations of the food cultures of France and Brazil. By living in the host territory, the ingredients and ways of eating of the immigrant in his country of origin meet those practiced in the host country, thus positioning the individuals in contact with otherness. This otherness can sometimes give rise to the perception of problems in the food of the country of immigration. As a vector of saudade for Brazilians or loss of control over food for the French, otherness is not perceived in the same way by the two groups. If a common food dynamic appears for both groups of respondents - the search for food from the country of origin - the supply logics vary, not only because of the geographical and cultural configuration of the places, but also because it is a question of responding to divergent food and cultural problems. Therefore, this thesis provides access to the identification of the food models of the two countries being compared and sheds light on the socio-cultural modalities that influence contemporary food dynamics, particularly in situations of immigration.
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Food – Immigration – Brazil – France - Anthropology
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Dr. Maxime Michaud - Dr. Isabelle Bianquis
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