Multi-criteria and multi-actor approach to better design food products adapted to the physiology and expectations of young seniors

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Population ageing represents a major challenge for society. Whilst lifelong preventive nutrition is vital in limiting frailty and disease occurrence, it is also essential to offer a nutritionally and sensorially adapted diet to seniors, in harmony with their diversities and expectations. This project aims to understand the changes in perceptions due to ageing and to develop a new, multi-criteria and multi-actor approach to food development. Participatory research will be conducted with food supply chain actors, healthcare specialists, researchers, chefs and target consumers: young non-dependent seniors. Cross-cultural differences between France and the USA will also be taken into consideration. This project will employ a multi-constraint and multi-sensory food engineering approach to developing optimised products. The outcome of this study will contribute to the knowledge on sensory alterations of seniors and help provide nutritional and sensorial recommendations to formulate products that are adjusted to seniors’ needs and preferences, thereby improving their diet and well-being.
Supervisor :
Dr. Anne Saint-Eve - Dr. Agnès Giboreau - Dr. Audrey Cosson
Graduate School :
AgroParisTech, Paris Saclay University (Ile-de-France)
Partners :
INRAE, Institut Paul Bocuse, AgroParisTech

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