Agnès Giboreau

Research Director

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Activities / CV

Food sciences - Sensory evaluation - Consumer behaviors

  • Coordination of the activity
  • Interface of Universities / Industries
  • Supervising PhD students
  • Engineer from Agrosup Dijon, PhD from AgroParisTech, Master Degree in cognitive psychology from Université Paris 8
  • Habilitate to lead researches from Université Lyon 1, project manager in research and innovation in the industrial sector, director of research consulting firm, sensorial and consumer research, university teaching
  • Member of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Additional information

Management of the CANUT project, Cancer Nutrition & Taste project: developing, testing and deploying solutions adapted to the different profiles of patients undergoing chemotherapy (sensory, nutritional and culinary recommendations).

Management of the ISPAR programme, Innovation and Science for Food and Food Service: development of collaborative projects and infrastructures for creativity, characterisation and in situ evaluation.


Sensoriality - Pleasure of meals - Health - Ambiance - Individuals

Peer-reviewed articles

Articles dans revues à comité de lecture
  • Chen Y, Perez-Cueto F, Giboreau A., Mavridis I. & Hartwell H (2021) Consumer preferences for the use of an innovative digital menu solution in public food service settings in four European countries Food Quality and Preference, 94,
  •  Manesse C., Ferdenzi C., Mantel M., Sabri M., Bessy M., Fournel A., Faure F., Bellil D., Jomain S., ; Landis B., Hugentobler M., Giboreau A., Rouby C. & Bensafi M. (in press) The prevalence of olfactory deficits and their effects on eating behavior from childhood to old age: a large-scale study in the French population Food Quality and Preference. 93, 104273
  • Miele N., Giboreau A. & Almli V.L. (2021)The temporality of eating behavior as a discriminant tool to characterize consumers: Temporal Dominance of Behavior applied to bread consumption during a restaurant meal in France. Food Quality and Preference. 92, 104225
  • Patois C., Chen Y., Meiselman H.L., Barraco F. & Giboreau A. (2021) Designing food for bone marrow transplant patients with compromised immunity: limited ingredients, recipes and balanced diet. International Journal of Food Design, 6 (1), 27-51
  • Chen Y., Perez Cueto F., Giboreau A., Mavridis I. & Hartwell H. (2020) The promotion of eating behaviour change in healthy populations through digital interventions International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(20), 74-88. 
  • Drareni K. Bensafi M., Giboreau A. & Dougkas A. (2020) Chemotherapy-induced taste and smell changes influence food perception in cancer patients, Supportive Care in Cancer. 1-8.
  • C. Patois et al. Designing food for bone marrow transplant patients with compromised immunity: limited ingredients, recipes and balanced diet. International Journal Food Design
  • Dougkas A., Vannereux M & Giboreau A. (2019) The Impact of Herbs and Spices on Increasing the Appreciation and Intake of Low-Salt Legume-Based Meals. Nutrients 2019, 11(12), 2901-2921;
  • Drareni K, Dougkas A, Giboreau A, Laville M, Souquet PJ, Bensafi M. (2019) Relationship between food behavior and taste and smell alterations in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy: A structured review. Seminars in Oncology, 46(2), 160-172. doi: 10.1053/j.seminoncol.2019.05.002
  • Eschevins A., A. Giboreau, P. Julien & C. Dacremont (2019) From expert knowledge and sensory science to a general model of food and beverage pairing with wine and beer. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 17, 100-144.
  • Giboreau A, Schwartz C., Morizet D. & Meiselman H.L. (2019) Measuring Food Waste and Consumption by Children Using Photography. Nutrients. 11(10), 2410-2441;
  • Liu J., E. Petit, AC Brit & A. Giboreau (2019) The impact of tablecloth on consumers’ food perception in real-life eating situation. Food Quality and Preference. 71, 168-171.
  • Palczak J., Giboreau A., Rogeaux M. & Delarue J. (in press) How do pastry and culinary chefs design sensory complexity? International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science
  • Saulais L., Massey C., Appleton K., Perez-Cueto F.J.A., Dinnella C., Monteleone E., Depezay L., Hartwell H.& Giboreau A. (2019) When are ‘Dish of the Day’ nudges most effective to increase vegetable selection? Food Policy. 85, 15-27. 
  • Eschevins A; Giboreau A., Allard T & Dacremont C. (2018) The role of aromatic similarity in food and beverage pairing Food Quality and Preference, 65, 18-27.
  • Iborra-Bernad C., L. Saulais, E. Petit & Giboreau A. (2018) Sensory analysis and observational study in an experimental restaurant: pilot study. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science. 13, 47-51.
  • Meiselman H.L. & Giboreau A. (2018) Emotions before and after a meal in a natural eating situation. Food Quality and Preference, 65, 191-193.
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Chapitres d'ouvrage et ouvrages
  • Giboreau A. & Dworczack F. (2021) Quand la recherche se met à table. Paris :EDP Science
  • Edwards J.S.A., Hartwell H. & Giboreau A. (2020) Emotions studied in context : the role of environment. In H.L. Meiselman Emotion Measurement. Elsevier. 2nd Edition
  • Zerbini L, Landeau G, Giboreau A, Sharma A, Yu C, Lin M & Jung IH Food access and insecurity during COVID 19 – Evidence from France. PennState Scholar Sphere.
  • Dougkas, A., Saulais, L., & Giboreau, A. (2019). Studying Natural Meals: What are the Benefits of the Living Lab Approach? in Meiselman H. (Ed.) Context: The Effects of Environment on Product Design and Evaluation.. Woodhead Publishing.
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