Beers & meals pairing from perception to consumers judgment in real eating and drinking situation.

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This thesis project aims at studied the consumers preferences for beers et meals pairings. For this purpose, the perceptive and cognitive process involved in consumers’ preferences will be investigated. In the one hand, the interactions between the meals’ and beverages’ sensory characteristics will be explored to define on which case the pairing is based on similarity, contrast or complementarity widely approached in the literature. In the other hand, the contextual factors which may have an impact on the consumers preferences for beers & meals pairings will be studied.
Supervisor :
Catherine Dacremont - Agnès Giboreau
Graduate School :
Ecole doctorale Environnement-Santé Bourgogne - Franche Comté (N°554)
Partners :
  • Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l’Alimentation (CSGA) de Dijon
  • Fonds InBev - Baillet Latour

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