Research Seminars - 2 Hours Conference
Research Symposiums - 1 Day Conference
Research & Innovation Committee
Summer School

The BFDG Meeting

This conference is an annual multi-disciplinary gathering of scientists and welcomes original contributions of research investigating some aspects of eating and drinking related to psychology, physiology, medicine, nutrition, food science, dietetics and related disciplines.

Last BFDG Meeting
"Scientific conference on eating & drinking"
April 11, 12 & 13, 2018

Research seminars - 2 Hours Conference
Possibility to participate by webconference.
Free registration.
The research seminars are held at the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse to promote the sharing of knowledge.

Next research seminar
October 18, 2018
Nicole Darmon - Research Director at INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) / PhD in Nutrition, CNAM Engineer and Epidemiologist / Member OPNALIM: Observatory, Poverty, Nutrition and Food.
Kenza Drareni - PhD Student in Neurosciences, Sensory Analysis, Nutrition and Food Behavior at Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center. 
Link to her research work 

Last research seminars
July 12, 2018
Erika Guyot - Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse and at the Human Nutrition Research Center Rhône-Alpes
Sylvie Issanchou · French National Institute for Agricultural Research | INRA · Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l’Alimentation (CSGA)
Link to her Research Work

May 17, 2018
"Multisensory Integration" & "Multisensory integration processes: focus on flavor perception"
Jérémie Roque - Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse / Pernod Ricard
Massimiliano Zampini - Trento University

The International Research Symposiums - 1 Day Conference
The Center for Food and Hospitality Research hosts Research Symposiums in which researchers and professionals from throughout the world come together to discuss cuting edge themes in research.

Next Symposium

15 October 2018 -  Berlin - GRUNEWALD Symposium & workshop
"GRounding pUblic health iNterventions in Early Ways of cAtegorizing food to promote heaLthy eating in young chilDren"

Last Symposium

September 20 2018 "Food at work” organized by Laure Saulais

June 14 2018
"Sharing meals: Social aspects of eating and cooking together" organized by Maxime Michaud

Research and Innovation Committee
Next meeting "International Committee" : Novembre 14 morning and Novembre 15 morning 2018 in Ecully 
Next meeting "French Committee" : Novembre 16 2018 in Ecully

The Committee's mission is : 
  • Sharing of scientific knowledge on consumer experience
  • Development and use of in situ methods
  • Innovation workshops with culinary and hospitality experts
We have 28 members in this Committee : Mars Food (NL), Danone Nutritia (NL), Heineken (NL), Firmenich (SZ)…

For more information : Page Research & Innovation Committee

Summer School
The Summer School is open to all PhD and postdoctoral students in food research who are confronted with ethical questions, confidentiality issues and/or sensitive data in the context of their work.
The workshop aims to provide young researchers with the opportunity:
  • To present their ongoing research to a multidisciplinary audience of junior and expert researchers.
  • To train for scientific article writing and reviewing, with an opportunity to publish their papers as proceedings in the journal Menu: Journal of Food and Hospitality Research.
  • To exchange about the different issues related to sensitive data and ethics which may arise in food research, and to exchange about the possible approaches to address these questions.
  • To benefit from the experience of senior researchers about the methodological and ethical stakes in food research, from a multidisciplinary perspective, through plenary sessions.
The official language of the workshop is English.

Last Summer School
Topics: "oral communication, ethical dimensions of the research and research funding"
July 27 & 28, 2017


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