Anestis Dougkas

Research Scientist

Anestis Dougkas


Nutrition Health & Eating Behaviour

Activities / CV

  • Research
    Contribution to international collaborative research projects and managing a variety of research projects using real meals in real life setting within the nutrition and health axis
  • Education
    Teaching at MSc students and supervision of MSc and PhD students
    I co-supervise two PhD students: Kenza Drareni who works on the culinary management of sensory disorders and malnutrition related to chemotherapy and Erika Guyot who works on the prospective exploration of the evolution of eating behavior in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery (i.e. obesity surgery).
  • Dissemination
    Disseminating nutrition science to a variety of audiences both in written form and as oral presentations through organization of seminars, conferences and applied workshops

  • 2016-present: Research Scientist at the Center for Food and Hospitality Research, Institut Paul Bocuse, France
  • 2011: Post-Doctoral fellow at the Food for Health Science Center, Lund University, Sweden
  • 2011: Research Associate, University of Reading, UK
  • 2011: PhD in Nutrition, University of Reading, UK
  • 2007: MSc in Food Science and Nutrition, University of Reading, UK
  • 2006: BSc (4 y) in Chemistry, specializing in Biochemistry-Food Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Additional information

The core of my research axis is on appetite/energy intake regulation and eating behaviour. An imbalance characterized by a deficiency or excess of energy, protein and other nutrients, which causes measurable adverse effects on body form (shape, size, composition) function and clinical outcome encompass both overnutrition (obesity) and undernutrition as the two sides of the same coin.
This is addressed taking into account both the stimulus and the eating context and therefore satiety and eating behaviour is assessed in a real life ecological environment that Institut Paul Bocuse provides (Experimental Lab) and investigating various approaches at three different level stated below:
  • Nutrients (e.g protein sources etc.)
  • Meals (composition, texture, cooking approach etc.)
  • Diet/eating patterns (frequency, time, quantity etc.)

Human nutrition, appetite regulation, eating behaviour, obesity, protein enriched meals


+33 (0)4 72 18 54 61


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  • Altered taste Symposium
    A Symposium on altered taste organised by three partners : Flinders University (AU), Newcastle University (UK) and the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center.

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