Impact of time constraints on food choice in the workplace

PhD :
Camille MASSEY
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Workplace health and wellbeing are increasingly becoming a societal concern, and a topic of interest within companies. Constraining working conditions are often seen as obstacles to a healthy lifestyle, and, notably, to a healthy diet. In particular, time constraints that one may encounter at work, such as long working hours, irregular schedules, or night shifts, might have an impact on eating behavior. However, little scientific data is available regarding eating practices in the workplace, and the links between time and food choices remain understudied and unclear.  The scientific aim of this PhD project is to determine the impact of time constraints on decision-making for food in workplace settings, and to assess their nutritional and environmental consequences. This research is set within the field of behavioral economics, and is based on the theoretical framework of individual decision-making theory. The applied objective is to issue evidence-based recommendations for the conception and implementation of solutions favoring healthy diet for time-constrained workers.
Supervisor :
Dr. Agnès Giboreau - Dr. Laure Saulais
Graduate School :
Ecole doctorale Interdisciplinaire Sciences-Santé ED N°205
Partners :
  • Apicil
  • Elior

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