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Research & Development

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We innovate and create new methods, new products and new services.

We conduct real-life experiments and realize projects in France and Abroad (Network: Worldwide Alliance / Alumni). We realize for our clients from all Industry & Catering sectors, confidential tailor-made projects that take place all along the innovation chain.

Expertise domains: KITCHEN - PASTRY - DRINK - SERVICE

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Exemple Hospices Civiles de LyonExemple Biospringer
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Exemple conservationExemple technologie cuisson

Exemple Crèmes végétales

Consumer & Market Insights

The Consumer and Market Insights pole aims to better understand market trends and to provide relevant information for consumer innovation.
We provide a dynamic source of co-creativity by associating the complementary knowledge and know-how of researchers and culinary and service professionals.  

We design in situ studies : 

  • Customized studies thanks to our innovative equipment.
  • France & international thanks to our unique network :
    - Worldwide Alliance (leading schools in the world in hotel, restaurant, culinary management)
    - Institut Paul Bocuse (experts in cooking, baking, drinking and service; French and global skills)


Food & Lifestyle Observatory WorldwideFLOW logo
Local & International

  • Describe a market and the diversity of practices.
  • Define an innovation strategy adapted to the uses.
  • Collect sources of inspiration and do international comparison.
Who ? What ? When ? How ?  
flow telephone
FLOW allows real-time monitoring of cooking and food practices by collecting pictures of a situation with an associated questionnaire.
For science : To compare different cultural habits.
For innovation : To describe detailed usage situations.

Experimental Restaurant

Modular experimental platform equipped with audio-visual recording devices
European Network of Living Labs
  • Observe consumers' behavior
  • Collect consumers' judgement and preferences
  • International data with Alliance partners (Application restaurants)
Choice, Liking, Preferences, Purchase behavior, Beverage selection, Beverage – Food combination, Seasoning, Bread consumption, Special diets, Satiety, Food intake, Dynamics of consumtpion...

Restaurant experimental
The Living Lab (ENoLL certified - European Network of Living Labs) enables the study of behaviors in real-life dining environments (consumers paying for their meal): dining room, restaurant, school canteen, bar/pub...

Domestic kitchen

Kitchen entirely equipped with cooking ustensils and audio-visual recording devices

  • Observe consumers' cooking behavior
  • Collect consumers' step-by-step practices in a cooking situation
  • Collect consumers' judgement
Cuisine domestiqueGestures, Pratices , Behavior, Duration, Sequences...

This experimental kitchen enable evaluation and observation of non-professionals cooks' behavior and reactions in a real cooking situation.

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