Culinary axis
Food service axis

The Innovation Team offers its expertise for all types of food and catering and all targets to public and private players in France and abroad.

Our objectives are :
• to innovate and create new products and services, new methods, by mobilising our team of researchers and chefs and our network of experts and professionals in the hotel and catering industry in France and abroad.
• to conduct specific studies and provide relevant and concrete results for innovation.

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Culinary axis

  • Culinary monitoring:
Generation of a search around a culinary theme (an ingredient, a product, a trend…)

  • Product and concept ideas:
Emergence of new ideas for dishes, drinks, presentation: proposal of new product concepts, ranges, menus...

  • Development of recipes/products:
Development of prototypes, new offers, applications highlighting an ingredient, a product, culinary equipment…

Project Examples


Exemple Hospices Civiles de LyonExemple Biospringer
                                                                                                                                       > Biospringer Video
Exemple conservationExemple technologie cuisson

Exemple Crèmes végétales

Food service axis

  • Expectations & attitudes among professionals study:
Collection of information to understand attitudes and expectations of professionals (habits, obstacles, perceptions) through individual interviews, online surveys, etc.

  • Practices of professionals study:
Observation and recording of catering professionals in real work situations to better understand their practices and habits.

  • Benchmarking/Testing of products/services:
Comparative evaluation in real-life situations - in kitchen laboratories or restaurants - of the technical and sensory performance of products compared with competitors and/or prototypes before they are placed on the market.  

We design in situ studies : 

  • Customized studies thanks to our innovative equipment.
  • France & international thanks to our unique network :
    - Worldwide Alliance (leading schools in the world in hotel, restaurant, culinary management)
    - Institut Lyfe (experts in cooking, baking, drinking and service; French and global skills

Consumer axis

  • Online surveys & implicit testing:
Refining consumer understanding and segmentation.

  • Product tests in different consumption contexts:
Assessing preferences, perceptions, choices. Measurement of emotions.
Characterize these preferences according to the typology of consumers (consumer characteristics and habits).

  • Observations cooking:
Observe amateur cooks in real cooking situations to test products and equipment as consumers. Observe the tasting of the recipe made.

  • Focus groups / Design thinking:
Gathering information to understand consumer motivations and expectations (beliefs, obstacles, perceptions).
Emergence of ideas or approaches combining the expertise of hotel and catering professionals and consumer expectations / habits.
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Domestic kitchen

Kitchen entirely equipped with cooking ustensils and audio-visual recording devices

  • Observe consumers' cooking behavior
  • Collect consumers' step-by-step practices in a cooking situation
  • Collect consumers' judgement
Cuisine domestiqueGestures, Pratices , Behavior, Duration, Sequences...

This experimental kitchen enable evaluation and observation of non-professionals cooks' behavior and reactions in a real cooking situation.

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