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An interactive Experience

Maintaining the pleasure in eating is important for everyone and a loss of appetite can affect enjoyment in eating, health and wellbeing.

Sensory alterations to eating arise due to ageing, surgery, and a spectrum of common illnesses. Furthermore, older people, cancer patients, brain injured patients and others may have sensory troubles as well as difficulties in chewing and swallowing.
The recent COVID pandemic has resulted in a loss of smell, taste and a reduced motivation to eat for many people. Poor diet due to sensory alterations has been linked to chang ed food intake and poor nutrition.
Clearly there has never been a more important time to examine scientific and psycho-social issues related to altered sensory experiences, and solutions to these burgeoning problems at the interface of science and gastronomy.


Monday Day 1: 28th June - Problems & mechanisms

Tuesday Day 2: 29th June - Olfactory solutions

  • Olfactory sensory interactions
  • Chris Kelly: On smell loss and smell training
  • Chef Julien Ferretti: Cooking demonstration
  • Veronique Mourier: Menu design in care settings

Wednesday Day 3 : 30th June - Cooking at home with help

Use your ingredients and instructions to create three forms of the same dish. Chefs from the Institut Paul Bocuse will be on hand to help you throughout the day. On this day the Chefs will be with you all day, you can register for slots.

Thursday Day 4 : 1st July - Launching pad

  • Sensory interactions on texture
  • Agnès Giboreau: On the diversity of the sense of touch to compensate for flavour alterations
  • Maggie Beer: Cooking with care
  • John Coveney: Collective Roundtable : all the speakers at the table will be at this discussion
The objective of these exchanges is to make correspondence between scientific knowledge and culinary solutions. A cutting-edge round table discussion will allow Public Health actors to discuss with chefs and researchers to draw the strategic lines to be developed to ensure sustainable food and food service solutions for elderly, patients, anyone suffering from altered gustatory, olfactory or texture food perception.

Your culinary hosts

Chef Julien Ferretti, Culinary project manager, Institut Paul Bocuse

Throughout the conference Julien will be joined by two culinary interns at the Institute of Paul Bocuse. The team will be demonstrating -advising- clarifying - and on hand to answer any questions about the culinary aspects of the online symposium.

The sensory box 

As part of your symposium registration you will receive a sensory box. It will be your companion throughout the conference enabling you to interact with our team and speakers in exploring the senses.


  • Duika Burges Watson, Lecturer, Newcastle University, Altered Eating Research Network, UK
  • Vincent Deary, Professor, Northumbria University, UK
  • Fiona Kerr, Cognitive Neuroscientist, NeuroTech Institute, Australia
  • Pierre Singer, Director, General Intensive Care Department, Rabin Medical Center, Israel
  • Chris Kelly, founder, AbScent,UK
  • Julien Ferretti, Chef, Culinary project manager, Institut Paul Bocuse, France
  • Veronique Mourier, Nutrition manager at Elior, France
  • Agnès Giboreau, Research Director, Institut Paul Bocuse, France
  • Maggie Beer, Maggie Beer Foundation, Australia
  • John Coveney, Professor, Caring Futures Institute, Flinders University, Adelaide

Time zones 

Monday 28 - 8AM to 10AM
Tuesday 29 - 8AM to 10
Book a slot Wednesday 30 - 8AM / 10AM / 12PM / 2PM 
Thursday 1 - 8AM to 10AM

Monday 28 -  9AM to 11AM
Tuesday 29 - 9AM to 11AM
Book a slot Wednesday 30 - 9AM  / 11AM /1PM / 3PM 
Thursday 1 - 9AM to 11AM

Monday  28 - 10AM to 12AM
Tuesday 29 - 10AM to 12AM
Book a slot Wednesday 30 -  10AM / 12PM / 2PM  / 4PM 
Thursday 1 - 10AM to 12PM

Monday 28 - 4.30PM to 6.30PM
Tuesday 29 - 4.30PM to 6.30PM
Book a slot Wednesday 30 - 4.30PM  / 6.30PM / 8.30PM
Thursday 1 - 4.30PM to 6.30PM

Download the flyer for more information


28 June to 1 July 2021 | 2 hour online slots each day 

Our event is coming soon ! Considering the delivery time, we can not guarantee you anymore that you will be receiving your sensory box for Monday 28th. We will still do our best for you to receive it as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration fees for the entire event:

- 45 € for Europe participants 
- 75 € for participants outside Europe 

50% discount for the Research and Innovation Comittee members:

- 22 € for the Research and Innovation Comittee members in Europe
- 37 € for the Research and Innovation Comittee members outside Europe

Registration below is for the four 2-hour sessions from 28 June to 1 July.

1 - Select the 28th of June in the calendar and click on the next button to register.
2 - Once registered, you can now book a cooking session on March 30, 2021 :


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