Eating sociabilities of the elderly in France: the case of shared meals and culinary workshops out-of-home

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In a society with an ageing population, the concern regarding for the quality of life and health of elderly people is a major issue. We now know that eating is one of the key factors for « successful ageing »: « eating properly » and « ageing well» are correlated. Beyond its nutritional dimension, eating and preparing food is, for most of us, a time of pleasure and conviviality. But what about these aspects when life course events related to ageing (retirement, widowhood, mobility loss, etc.) disturb relationships and potentially isolate us from other people? Precisely, are there these “isolation situations" that we would like to define through food practices taking an anthropological approach? What is the impact of social isolation on retirees eating and cooking practices? Can experimental interventions around food (culinary workshop, shared meals, etc.) help to maintain or to rebuild social ties?
Supervisor :
Séverine Gojard - Maxime Michaud
Graduate School :
Ecole doctorale ABIES, AgroParistech
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  • AG2R Mondiale

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