Barriers, facilitators and strategies in changing dairy food intakes: a cross cultural perspective

PhD :
Caterina FRANZON
Preview :
Animal products, as eggs and dairy, have a lower impact on the environment than meat and are fundamental for a nutrient-dense, health, more sustainable diet. Moreover, eggs and dairy are rich in protein and micro-nutrients. The consumption of dairy products changes from a country to another for many different reasons, e.g., availability, access to the product, tradition, and culture. This PhD project will explore the differences between England and France, considering barriers, facilitators, and national dietary guidelines, databases, and recommendations. Finally, the aim is also to explore the already existing strategies for changing food behaviours and develop a pilot study to test the validity and efficiency of one of them, encouraging people to choose a more sustainable and responsible food consumption.
Keywords :
Diary – cross-cultural perspective – sustainability – food behaviours – psychology - nutrition
Supervisor :
Anestis Dougkas-Juliet Memery-Katherine Appleton
Graduate School :
Bournemouth University, Department of Psychology, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
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