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In close cooperation with professional experts in gastronomy, tableware, service and hospitality industries, the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse puts its scientific knowledge and technical equipment at the service
of customized studies with an innovative perspective.

Studies are being conducted at the Institut Paul Bocuse in the Living Lab spaces with consumers or experts. They cover the phases of preparation, service and consumption. These studies are also applied to other sectors, not only to the hotel and restaurant industry and the food industries, but also design (cooking accessories, new technologies, table arts), construction (lighting, fitting out), cosmetic aspects (taste, texture, color), etc.


Examples of studies:

Conception of health/pleasure menus based on the know-how of gastronomy experts
This study called on two chefs from the Institut Paul Bocuse: one in cooking and the other in pastry to design 20 healthy menus (low in salt, light in fats, rich in fiber, balanced, rich in proteines) including starters, main dishes and desserts. These recipes, validated by nutrition experts, are spotlighted among the company’s consumers through their product catalog.

Study on three methods of cooking: micro-wave oven, frying pan and actifry adapted to frozen vegetables
In the domestic kitchen at place Bellecour, the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse observed and studied the reactions of twelve consumers using different cooking equipment. Their comments were collected before, during and after use in order to evaluate the potential of these cooking methods (strengths and weaknesses).

Study on beverage drinking behaviors during happy hour
The Pernod Ricard Research Center relied on the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse’s scientific expertise to study the effect of the form of the container (glass) on “drinkability” and the drinker’s consumption behavior (duration of consumption, speed and satisfaction). For this, some clients of the experimental restaurant were filmed using several video cameras. The audiovisual data were then analyzed in relation to the answers written on a questionnaire. The results of this project were reported in scientific papers and were integrated in the company innovation challenge.


The Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse is certified by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research. This enables client companies to take advantage of tax deductions for a significant share of the cost of studies contracted to the Center.

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