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We innovate and create new methods, new products and new services. We conduct real-life experiments and realize projects in France and Abroad (Network: Worldwide Alliance / Alumni

We realize for our clients from all Industry & Catering sectors, confidential tailor-made projects that take place all along the innovation chain

1. Concept
2. Creativity
3. Expertise
4. Evaluation
 4 axes Florent Boivin Chef R&D


Generation of concept:
ChefsWorkshops, Interviews, Design thinking
You want to understand better the habits, the uses and professionals expectations on your products, equipment's and utensils.
You want to generate a concept with experts in Culinary Arts, Catering & Hospitality.

We realize interviews and workshops with experts according to your target.Flow
We set up studies with our application FLOW to define innovation strategies adapted to the usages and also collect sources of inspiration and international comparison.


Creation of new products, recipes, menus by culinary experts:
Creation of recipes, menus, culinary guides, Range renovation

You want to highlight an ingredient, a utensil, an equipment and/or to create recipes around key theme (health, nutrition, innovation, vegan…)
We carry out sessions of culinary creativity focused on your problematic and abiding your specifications (prices, food service targets, operational and/or nutritional obligations)
We go as far as:

  • Book of receipts creation 
  • Creation of digital value of created receipts (photo and/or vidéo)
  • A culinary demonstration in trade shows

Project Examples

Guide alimentaire du Patient allogreffé en hématologie 
Hospices Civiles of Lyon: HEALTH FIELD

  • Creation of « Guide Alimentaire du Patient Allogreffé en Hématologie » by culinary experts of the Institute Paul Bocuse under the indications of the medical team - doctors, male nurses and dietitians.
  • The main objective is to fight against malnutrition and to introduce pleasure notion and meaning into the patient diet.


  • Creation of three cocktail bites to highlight the characteristics of yeasts ©Biospringer.Biospringer
  • Participation at the FIE Frankfurt show during three days – Intervention by an expert of Institute Paul Bocuse right during filming of the promotional video ©Biospringer.


Optimization of an existing range of product:  

You are looking to improve some of your present products on the market.
We offer an accompaniment by our professionals network in the objective of your product improvement. 


Monitoring implementation of a product:
In situ diagnostic, Prototypes comparison, Improvements proposals

You try to understand potential usages as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your prototype in order to obtain an ideal product for the market. 
We guide you with our professionals network during all the different steps of realization before the launch on the market.

Project Examples

Conservation solutions
: AGRONOMIC SECTOR Solutions de conservation

  • Development of relevant solutions not altering the organoleptic profile of this product.

Cooking Technology: FOOD EQUIPMENT

  • Prototypes comparison by an expert of the Institute Paul Bocuse during scenario sessions of these culinary equipment.Cooking technology
  • Identification of performances, strengths and weaknesses of each prototype and improvements proposals.
  • Accompaniment on several prototype improvement sessions.


Performances analysis of a product on the market:
Product comparaison VS market competition, Technical & Sensory performances, Arguments

You want better understand the habits, the uses and professionals expectations on your products, equipment and utensils.
We evaluate your product with our professionals network within culinary applications (starter, main dish, dessert, drink).

Project Example

Vegetables Creams : NEW DIETSVegetables creams 

  • Product comparison by an expert of the Institute Paul Bocuse in use situation.
  • Sensory description of the product and competitors in the rough.

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