Creation of new products, recipes, menus by culinary experts:

Creation of recipes, menus, culinary guides, Range renovation

You want to highlight an ingredient, a utensil, an equipment and/or to create recipes around a key theme (health, nutrition, innovation, vegan…)
We carry out sessions of culinary creativity focused on your problematic and abiding your specifications (prices, food service targets, operational and/or nutritional obligations)
We go as far as:

  • Book of receipes creation
  • Creation of digital value of created receipts (photo and/or video)
  • A culinary demonstration in trade shows

Optimization of an existing range of product

You are looking to improve some of your present products on the market.
We offer an accompaniment by our professionals network in the objective of your product improvement.

Project Examples

Exemple Hospices Civiles de LyonExemple Biospringer

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