Transnational food dynamics. Brazilian immigrants food practices in France and French immigrants food practices in Brazil.

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This doctoral thesis in anthropology reports a research in the transnational food dynamics context. Specifically, this work takes an interest in the study of culinary practices of brazilian immigrants in France and french in Brazil. Since the 2000s, an increase migratory in movements appears between South America and Europe, particularly between Brazil and France. These migration processes encourage an increase in encounters between the populations of each of the two countries, bringing together the cultural groups present in these territories. By settling and living in the host country, immigrants realize (re) configurations of their food and culinary representations and practices. These may change over time, being reorganized, temporarily or permanently removed, affirmed or racialized. The qualitative method used, ethnographic type, allows me to get closer to immigrants and to gain an understanding of these dynamics in their new country of residence. This thesis will seek to answer the following question: what are the eating practices and associated representations of Brazilian immigrants in France and France in Brazil? This will allow me to question the identification of food patterns and to report on contemporary food issues in each of the two countries.
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Dr. Maxime Michaud - Dr. Isabelle Bianquis
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