The forms of commensality of young adults in three countries (France, Germany, Spain)

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Commensality is the fact of sharing a meal, for which the forms and significations differ according to the situations of food intake, socio-cultural belonging, the time period, the lifestyle and conditions of living of the individuals... At a time when many people are announcing the end of the commensal meal, a trend toward the individualization of food intake practices and a hypothetical link with the development of obesity, this study analyzes the ways that young adults from three European countries (France, Germany and Spain) gather to eat together. Its findings indicate that sharing food is taking on new forms and newfound intensity. From an operational point of view, this means sharing knowledge with food service and agro-food industry professionals on tendencies regarding eating habits and sociability when eating for new generations as well as for certain cultural specificities concerning eating habits.
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Claude Fischler
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