Plant-based and animal-based foods in foodservice : Consumption trends and adaptation of the sector to the challenges of sustainable development

PhD :
Arnaud LAMY
From field to fork, the shift towards more sustainable and resilient food systems is a major challenge affecting all actors in the food chain. At the heart of this transition, balancing animal-based and plant-based protein sources is now considered a top priority to contain the anthropogenic impact on ecosystems, anticipate climate change, and guarantee access to healthy and tasty food for an increasing population.
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Accounting for a significant portion of the meals eaten by the French, the foodservice sector is a key actor in the food industry. Standing at the crossroads between the agricultural world and consumers, it represents a key arena for promoting new consumption norms, while supporting sustainable food production. Although the profession has the opportunity to shape consumer food behavior by developing offers that value plant-based-foods, this approach remains the free will to restaurateurs and chefs. It also raises the question of the various internal factors (e.g., ethical or environmental convictions, culinary skills, nutritional knowledge, etc.) and external factors (e.g., consumer preferences, competitive environment, etc.) that affect the decision-making processes and determine practices. This thesis project, in Management and Marketing Sciences, focuses on the commercial restaurant industry and questions the motivations and barriers of professionals as actors in the transition towards sustainable diets. The first line of work consists of the study of the social representations of restaurant managers and chefs with regard to sustainable food, namely meat and vegetables. Based on qualitative, quantitative, and experimental methods, the results aim to shed light on the industry's practices and marketing strategies to meet the challenges of sustainability.
Supervisor :
Sandrine Costa, Lucie Sirieix, Maxime Sebbane
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