Perception of luminous environments of hotel rooms: effect of lighting, use and individual characteristics on the judgment in real situations.

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Given the current changes in technologies and regulations, the emergence of LED technology multiplies the possibilities of designing indoor and outdoor luminous environments adaptable to user’s needs and expectations. Although engineers and architects care about lighting quality, few fundamental elements of luminous environments have been evidenced as important regarding customers’ expectations in the hospitality. In this context, our thesis aimed at better understanding the perception of light environments in hotel rooms from a users’ perspective, the hotel customer itself. We assumed that the judgment of appreciation of a luminous environment depended on its lighting parameters, but also the situation during which the luminous environment was perceived and the individual characteristics of the users who perceived it. Overall, the users preferred the luminous environment characterized by warm white and dim light while relaxing, whereas they preferred a warm white and bright light when working. Differences in individual characteristics like age and gender influenced the assessment of appreciation. Moreover, the methodological issue of our project was to develop an experimental device allowing the formulation and the collection of the users’ assessments of appreciation regarding luminous environments in a hotel room under an ecological context.
Supervisor :
Agnès Giboreau, Marc Fontoynont
Graduate School :
NSCO - Université Lyon 1
Partners :
  • Université Lyon 1
  • Accor
  • Schneider
  • Somfy
  • Philips

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