Lightness and freshness. Cross modal perception and drinkability.

PhD :
Jérémy ROQUE
Preview :
The main objective of this PhD research is to investigate both from behavioural and theoretical points of view the sensory and cognitive factors that underlie the perceptual experience of freshness during the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This implies first to understand the multimodal perception of beverages, and thereby to identify the relative contributions of different sensory modalities (as well as the interaction effects between them) on the perception of freshness. From an operational point of view, this program of research aims at investigating the perceptual mechanisms at stake in order to efficiently improve the innovation strategy of Pernod-Ricard group in particular through the product formulation and recommendations for marketing.
Supervisor :
Malika Auvray - Jérémie Lafraire
Graduate School :
Ecole doctorale n°158, « Cerveau, Cognition, Comportement », Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris)
Partners :
  • Centre de Recherche Pernod Ricard

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