Menu 7 Paper 5

Menu, Journal of Food and Hospitality Research
Volume 7, 2018, Pages 33-40

Globalization Of Food Practices And Local Food Cultures: The Use Of Takeaway By Young Adults In France, Mexico And The Usa

Maxime Michaud*, Bérénice Perroud**

* Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center, Ecully, France
** Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center, Ecully, France (at the time this research was conducted)


The practice of takeaway is often described in the media as a globalized trend, concerning mainly young adults. This preliminary study aims at questioning this idea by comparing the point of view of young consumers in France, Mexico and in the USA. Two interviews have been conducted in each country, plus two interviews with French food trucks owners. If “saving time” seems to be a shared motivation to buy takeaway food in each country, the results shows that this notion can have different meanings depending on the local food culture. Moreover, buying takeaway food can also be a distinctive practice, challenging an homogeneous vision of the “young adults” or “millennials”. Anyway, the results are strengthening the hypothesis of a cultural adaptation of international trends in the local food cultures.

Keywords: Take-Away, young adults, food culture, globalization

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