Menu 6 - Paper 4

Menu, Journal of Food and Hospitality Research
Volume 6, 2017, Pages 25-33

Appetite for life - Maintaining appetite for foods at old and very old age

K. Wendin 1,2,3
1 Kristianstad University, Sweden,
2 SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden –Food and Bioscience, Sweden,
3 University of Copenhagen, Denmark,

W.L.P. Bredie 1
1 University of Copenhagen, Denmark,

I. Maître 1
1 Unité de Recherche GRAPPE, Univ Bretagne Loire, Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures (ESA), INRA, Angers, France,

I. Matullat 1
1 TTZ, Bremerhaven, Germany,

V.Olsson 1
1 Kristianstad University, Sweden,

S. Kremer 1
1WUR, Wageningen, Netherlands,

A. Giboreau 1
1 The Centre for Food and Hospitality Research, Institut Paul Bocuse, 69130 Ecully, France

Ø. Ueland 1

1 NOFIMA, Norway


Abstract: Maintaining appetite for foods at old and very old age is important for keeping a reasonable health status and quality of life in this growing group of citizens. Since the personal health status and living condition change for people at higher age a loss of independence in the way they are accustomed to prepare and consume foods is often a consequence. This may lead to changes in consumption patterns and a deteriorated living condition. Full attention should be given to different approaches on how quality of life and appetite for food can be maintained in this group of citizens. The present short communication addresses this topic from multiple angles and presents the results from a discussion by experts on the topic.

Keywords: Elderly, Appetite, Food provision.

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