Menu 5 - Paper 3

Menu, Journal of Food and Hospitality Research
Volume 5, 2016, Pages 13-19

Transnational connections from culinary practices: an approach from the food blogs of Brazilian emigrants

Carla Pires Vieira da Rocha
Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC/Brazil; Guest researcher at Social and Cultural Anthropology Department – Faculty of Social Sciences at VU University Amsterdam/Netherlands.


Abstract: This paper explores food blogs of Brazilian emigrantes and examines the role of these sites in establishing and maintaining transnational connections of social and communicative nature. From a socio-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective, where aspects related to globalization exert a decisive role, this text is based on the relationship between food, - represented here by the culinary knowledge -, communication and migration. The central question is: to what extent and in what way communication around food from the food blogs of Brazilian emigrants contributes to the maintenance of transnational connections and what does this say about the relationship between food and migrations in the current context?

Key-words: Food; Migration; Communication; Culinary Practices.

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