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Menu, Journal of Food and Hospitality Research
Volume 2, 2013, Pages 39-45

Exploring ‘foodscapes’ as framework for intercultural comparative studies

Liselotte Hedegaard
Aalborg University Copenhagen


Abstract: How can the relationship between food and place be explained in a globalised and de-territorialised world, in which it seems as if the ties between food and place are being weakened? The aim of this paper is to discuss this overarching question through a work-in-progress on the methodological challenges encountered in establishing an analytical framework for a comparative study of France and Denmark. The approach is essentially explorative taking as point of departure the nature of comparative studies and reflecting on challenges in identifying differences and similarities among groups of people. The core question regarding intercultural comparisons seems to be how to apply methodologies that are sensible to cultural contexts without turning them into clichés. A smaller study in Paris and Copenhagen is used as an example, in which the concept ‘foodscapes’ is being applied as an analytical tool to explore the construction of narratives and the role of the researcher, and thus forming the first steps in capturing the complex dimensions of the relationship between food and place

Keywords : foodscapes, comparative study, food culture, de-territorialisation, authenticity.

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