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Extraordinary infrastructure and unique purpose-built Research and teaching facilities provide outstanding tasting venues, state of the art classrooms and kitchen laboratories, varied restaurant offerings, a new facility for the study of service design and delivery, a 5-star training hotel, our château and cellars, a dedicated research facility and Living Lab…


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The experimental restaurant

The Center for Food and Hospitality Research benefits from a unique tool, an entirely modular experimental platform. The Living Lab (ENoLL certified - European Network of Living Labs) enables the study of behaviors in real-life dining environments: dining room, restaurant, school canteen, bar/pub.

Modular experimental platform equipped with audio-visual recording devices
European Network of Living Labs
  • Observe consumers' behavior
  • Collect consumers' judgement and preferences
  • International data with Alliance partners (Application restaurants)
Choice, Liking, Preferences, Purchase behavior, Beverage selection, Beverage – Food combination, Seasoning, Bread consumption, Special diets, Satiety, Food intake, Dynamics of consumtpion...

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An extension laboratory of the Rhône-Alpes Research Center for Human Nutrition (European Center for Nutrition and Health) complements the other facilities permitting biological sampling, notably blood tests related to the study of hunger
and satiety.

Domestic Kitchen

Kitchen entirely equipped with cooking ustensils and audio-visual recording devices

  • Observe consumers' cooking behavior
  • Collect consumers' step-by-step practices in a cooking situation
  • Collect consumers' judgement
Cuisine domestiqueGestures, Pratices , Behavior, Duration, Sequences...

This experimental kitchen enable evaluation and observation of non-professionals cooks' behavior and reactions in a real cooking situation.

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The Service Laboratory

"To ensure that the spirit of service is the signature of excellent service à la française."

Esprit de Service France association

Inaugurated in October 2015, the Service Laboratory, a true modulable platform, makes it possible to extend the scope of experimentation conducted at the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse. The purpose is to study service in a real situation, not just in the hotel, restaurant and culinary arts sectors, but also in all sectors where service is at the heart of companies’ performance and where the quality of customer relations is a pledge of differentiation.

This system completes the Institut Paul Bocuse’s other Living Labs, restaurants and kitchens with experimental restaurants (labelled ENoLL).

It includes a 230m² platform that can be resized and is configurable at will, using tools for follow-up on behavior: banks, stores, hair salons, transportation ticket offices, etc.

The Service Laboratory Institut Paul Bocuse

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