World dynamics of food habits. A comparative study of cooking practices

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This doctoral thesis in anthropology reports a research in the transnational food dynamics context. Specifically, this work takes an interest in the study of culinary practices for French-Brazilian couples and families in France and in Brazil. In the context of home, transformations and configurations of each partner’s practices occur because of contacts with different individual universes. Partners develop strategies to successfully cohabit and create a conjugal social group. . Partners can question their own food and culinary practices and their partner’s. When partners have different nationalities (when one of them is an immigrant), other kinds of configurations can take place regarding culinary practices and representations. When a child arrives in this social grouping, the practices can evolve too. Involving both affirmation of identity models inherited by each partner’s family and health recommendations for the child. As such, three layers of dynamics exist in the study of transnational family’s culinary practices: the conjugal stratum, the transnational stratum and the educative stratum. This thesis aims to observe the culinary practices at the intersection of these three levels, addressing the following question: how do the culinary practices in transnational Franco-Brazilian families’ homes take place in France and in Brazil? This project will enable identification of some culinary models and report of culinary practices and representations by French and Brazilian people in the two countries.
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Dr. Maxime Michaud - Dr. Isabelle Bianquis

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