MYPREFMED: individual food preferences for the Mediterranean diet in cancer patients

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Food perception and preferences amongst cancer patients present to date a complex analysis framework: there is an inter-individual variability in food behavior of patients in cancer care condition which can be attributable to several putative factors. One of the most concerning issue is represented by alterations in food perception, which are common in patients undergoing chemotherapy. Food behavior changes in cancer patients may be a result of these alterations, which brings in many cases to reduced food intake and malnutrition. Besides, sensory responsiveness (chemosensory perception) to food varies among individuals and it is assumed to affect their affective responses and food preferences along with other person-related variables such as demographics, attitudes and psychological traits. The way sensory alterations together with personality traits, attitudes and food preferences contribute to create a certain food preference profile in cancer patients is still unclear; these aspects have never been studied in cancer patients, limiting the possibility of designing effective personalized diets. MYPREFMED project focus on the study of the individual food preferences for the Mediterranean diet in cancer patients. The study includes the collection of sensory and affective responses to food (considering both acceptability and emotions) in oncological patients undergoing chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment. Influences of treatments, attitudes and personality traits on sensory and affective responses to food included in the Mediterranean diet will be explored. Furthermore, innovative food products/meals solutions tailored to patients undergoing chemotherapy will be developed based on this information and tested.
Supervisor :
Erminio Monteleone - Agnès Giboreau - Sara Spinelli
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Università degli Studi di Firenze, Scuola di Psicologia
Partners :
SensoryLab-Università di Firenze, Institut Lyfe, Centre Antoine Lacassagne (Nice), Elior

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