Flavour and Cancer: Toward a culinary care of sensory alterations and malnutrition related to chemothrapies

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Chemotherapy involves a variety of side effects, including taste and smell disturbances. This causes a modification of food perception and appreciation, and may have a negative impact on patients food behavior and quality of life. The theorical objective of this research is to understand the sensory mecanisms involved in the modification of sensory perceptions, and observe how is this reflected on food habits and food preferences of patients with different cancer types, and treated with different chemotherapy regimens. Theoperational objective is to take an effective action among patients in order to provide a culinary recommandations to them and their family, and for the catering professionals in order to improve the patients condition and quality of life.
Supervisor :
Dr. Agnès Giboreau - Pr. Moustafa Bensafi
Graduate School :
Centre de Recherche Neurosciences (Lyon)
Partners :
  • Elior
  • Apicil

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