Food Matters Live 2016: innovation at the heart of studying eating behavior

Food Matters Live 2016

Food Matters Live 2016

From November 22, 2016 until November 24, 2016

The Institut Paul Bocuse Center for Food & Hospitality Research was at London from 22nd to 24th November as part of Food Matters Live, the international food show which each year brings together a group of professionals from various areas (agro-food industry, restaurants, etc.), institutional stakeholders and scientists. The research team notably illustrated its expertise via an experimental café concept implemented for the trade show and allowing eating behavior of visitors to be studied.

What sort of consumer are you?
Developed in partnership with the Institut Paul Bocuse, Levy Restaurants and Food Matters Live, the experimental café concept had the objective of studying over a period of three days, in a real-life context, the eating habits of trade show visitors. A total of 180 guests from 34 nationalities took part in the study. Data collected will contribute towards exploring the impact of contextual factors on the decision-making of consumers and generating new areas for food innovation.

This concept is in echo to the Living Lab Institut Paul Bocuse, an entirely modular experimental platform ENoLL certified (European Network of Living Labs). It enables the study of behaviors in real-life dining environments: dining room, restaurant, school canteen, bar/pub… as well as the study of real-life culinary production environments.

The research team also intervened in scientific seminars during the trade show; the objective was to present the results of latest studies. Agnès Giboreau, research director, coordinated a conference concerning the role of sensory science in improving nutrition in the elderly. Laure Saulais, research scientist, presented her latest works on behavioral economics applied to restaurants.

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