Sabine Rizzo-Ivanoff

PhD Student

Sabine Rizzo

Activities / CV

Cognitive sciences

Influence of the fit between expectations and perceptions on affective judgments of consumers in a food context.


Ecole Doctorale « Neurosciences et Cognition » (NSCo)
Centre de recherche en neuroscience de Lyon / Université Lyon 1
Danone Nutricia Research - Centre Daniel Carasso

  • 2012: Diploma from the AgroParisTech engineer school, specialized in Food science
  • 2012-2013: Temporary contract as a Sensory Manager at Danone Research
  • 2013-2016: Member of the CIFRE program (Industrial convention of training through research) in partnership with Danone Research

Additional information

  • Research management: PhD project
  • Scientific animations and organizations: scientific events, Open House at the Institut Paul Bocuse, scientific interdisciplinar events, communications in international congress
  • Business responsibilities: project management, training courses to industrial partners on consumers tests methodologies and statistical analyses, consulting on definition of methodologies in consumer and sensory tests
  • Teaching: animation of pratical and following of projects works for second year of master’s degree students
  • Scientific associations: member of the board of the Sensolier

Categorization - Expectations - Food - Sensory disconfirmation of expectations - Affective judgment

  • Rizzo S., Giboreau A. (2014). A study of free-sorting variability between and within subjects. In Summer school - Food &Hospitality research: From preparation to consumption, 3-4 juillet, Lyon, France.
  • Meiselman H.L., van Zyl H., Spinelli S., Cunha L.M., Giboreau A., Rizzo S., Lassallette C.P. (2014). Translation of emotion terms among (European) languages. In Eurosense- A Sense of life – 6th European conference, 7-10 september, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Rizzo S., Boesen-Mariani S., Rogeaux M., Giboreau A. (2014). Espace perceptif des yaourts à la fraise avec et sans information. In Journée du Sensolier, 14 octobre, Paris, France.
  • Rizzo S., Boesen-Mariani S., Rogeaux M., Giboreau A. (2015). Dealing with innovation: a new approach based on free sorting to evaluate expectations for an unfamiliar product. In 11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, 23-27 August 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Rizzo S., Boesen-Mariani S., Rogeaux M., Giboreau A. (2015). From categorization to expectations : a study of individual variability. In Two days of cross disciplinary workshop Social Science, Cognitive Science, Economics, 21-22 September 2015, France.

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