Maria Nogueira

Scientific Project Officer

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Activities / CV

Food consumption and catering applied to cancerology

My mission consists in coordinating the scientific and medical teams at the Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest (ICO), the Science and Innovation teams at the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center (IPBR) and the R&D teams at Elior in order to develop new research projects in food consumption and catering applied to cancerology.
I will most particularly:
  • coordinate the implementation and formalization of the tripartite agreement,
  • co-define the research project contents together with scientific and industry partners as well as with local authorities (among others)
  • lead the search for funding and for new project partners.

  • Institut de Cancérologie de l'Ouest (ICO), Saint-Herblain (44) / Angers (49)
  • Elior Restauration Enseignement et Santé, Paris La Défense (92)
  • 2015 - 2018 : Scientific Officer, European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine (EISBM), Lyon. Involvement in 2 FP7 European projects : CASyM (Coordinating Action Systems Medicine) and PREPARE (Platform for European Preparedness Against (Re-)emerging Epidemics). Launch of the PIONEER IMI2 project (Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Enhancement through the Power of Big Data in Europe). Creation of the « European Society for Systems Medicine » (EASyM) and organization of its first conference in Oct 2016. Organisation of the « International Conference on Systems Biology » in Lyon in Oct-Nov 2018.
  • 2009 - 2015 : Science Officer, European Science Foundation, Strasbourg.Scientific coordination of European Collaborative Research projects and Research Networking Programmes.Scientific secretariat for peer review and evaluation expert panels. Strategic and operational daily support to the European research committees in biomedicine (EMRC, SRG-MED). 
  • 2004 - 2009 : Knowledge Analyst, Novartis, Basel (Switzerland).Scientific and medical monitoring, competitive intelligence.Weekly publication of an internal newsletter, writing concise summaries of articles. Abstracting and indexing of published articles. Writing drug safety reports (PSURs) and reporting adverse events to FDA and EMEA.
  • 2001 - 2003 : Editorial assistant for the medical journal Leukemia and then at Blackwell Publishing, Paris.Follow-up of submitted manuscripts. Coordination of publishing steps of 4 scientific and medical journals. 
  • 2000 : PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, option Oncogenesis, at Inserm laboratory « Hematopiesis and stem cells », Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif. Study of the effect of overexpression of Id genes onthe hematopoietic differenciation of murine embryonic stem cells in vitro. 4 publications, 2 conference abstracts.

Additional information

  • Omar MI, Roobol M, Ribal M, Abbott T, Agapow PM, Araujo S, Asiimwe A, Auffray C, Balaur I, Bayer K, Bernini C, Bjartell A, Briganti A, Butler-Ransohoff JE, Campi R, Cavelaars M, De Meulder B, Devecseri Z, Voss MD, Dimitropoulos K, Evans-Axelsson S, Franks B, Fullwood L, Horgan D, Smith EJ, Kiran A, Kivinummi K, Lambrecht K, Lancet D, Lindgren P, MacLennan S, MacLennan S, Nogueira MM, Moen F, Moinat M, Papineni K, Reich C, Reiche K, Rogiers S, Sartini C, van Bochove K, van Diggelen F, van Hemelrijck M, van Poppel H, Zong J and N'Dow J, on behalf of the PIONEER Consortium. Introducing PIONEER: a project to harness big data in prostate cancer research. Submitted to Nature Reviews Urology, under review.
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  • O'Carroll C, Scholz B, Nogueira MM, Avellis G, Marin L, Bostenaru Dan M, Chmielowski R, di Trapani A, Theodoridou M. Careers: Virtual mobility can drive equality. Nature. 2014 Jul 17;511(7509):292. doi: 10.1038/511292b. My name appears in the full list of co-signatories:
Methodologies; solutions; innovation; food; catering; cancerology 



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