Promotion of local food products and heritage of rural areas in Ecuador.

PhD :
My work is part of the study of Geographical Indications (GIs) at French, European and Ecuadorian level. More specifically, the aim of my research is to understand the cultural and legal dimensions of Geographical Indications in France and Europe. It will then be implemented in Ecuador in accordance with local laws and cultures. Thus, this thesis aims to contribute to the valorization of the products of Ecuadorian terroirs, the protection of the producers and the patrimonialization of the rural areas.
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The Geographical Indications (GIs) is a concept born in France at the beginning of the 1900's and progressively put in place all over the world. Its main objective is to protect the food heritage of the specific regions by respecting the origin, the tradition, the producers and the elaboration of the different products. Ecuador has been exporting primary food products (cocoa, coffee, banana, etc.) since the 17th century; this country is currently implementing GIs. However, the beginning of this process has not been mastered effectively because of the different factors: the internal organization of producers, lack of standards and government control. For this purpose, we will initially carry out a review of literature in French, European and Ecuadorian laws on GIs. Then we will establish an inventory with the cocoa and coffee producers in Ecuador. Finally, we will write tips for producers, associations and the Ministry of Agriculture in Ecuador. In conclusion, this thesis aims to contribute to the valorization of products of the Ecuadorian terroirs, the protection of the producers and to the patrimonialization of the rural areas.
Supervisor :
C. Delfosse, University Lumière-Lyon 2 - Co-supervisor : M. Michaud, Institut Paul Bocuse.

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