The Center for Food and Hospitality Research

Science at the service of pleasure, studied in real-life contexts

The Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse offers a dynamic source of creativity by associating the complementary knowledge and know-how of researchers and professionals. Its goal? To tap into the knowledge and business know-how of the Institute using an innovative scientific approach, exclusive in Europe, to explore the relationship between people and food in real life situation.

Three missions for this unique Research Center

Mission of the Center for Food and Hospitality Research

Scientific expertise at the service of better understanding of "pleasure" and customer satisfaction

The Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse is a crucible where researchers and specialists in hospitality, food service, culinary arts and food sciences cooperate at the highest level in each of these fields.

It develops an original research strategy that is included in a truly multidisciplinary approach that takes into account three major concerns:
  • the taste and pleasure of a meal - conviviality;
  • health and well-being - nutritional balance;
  • the environment of people eating - the quality of the hosting and table service and hospitality…

A top-notch scientific team with a solid academic background

Institut Paul Bocuse is now home to over 80 professional, scientific and academic experts who are entirely devoted to research and practices relating to our businesses. Among them, the Research Center’s team’s scope of expertise is demonstrated through its membership. Its team brings together specialist researchers from various disciplines: food science, economics, social sciences and cognitive sciences.

Agnès Giboreau, Director of Research at Institut Paul Bocuse, leads the team and coordinates its activities. A specialist in perception and eating behaviors, she is an associate researcher at the Research Center for Neurosciences of Lyon.

The team works directly with renowned academic scientists, whether in the context of institutional conventions established with, for example, the UCBL, AgroParisTech, ICAR or as part of collaborative research programs such as the one initiated with the University of Bournemouth or the University of Florence. An internationally renowned scientific advisory board, chaired by Herb Meiselman, an American researcher specializing in eating behavior and co-chaired by Martine Laville, a university-hospital professor of nutrition (CENS), contributes to the strategic orientation defined by the research center’s program and the scientific coaching of projects.

The Scientific Committee

The council is chaired by Herb Meiselman, an American researcher specializing in eating behaviors, and co-chaired by Martine Laville, Professor of Nutrition at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1/Civil Hospices of Lyon:
  • France Bellisle - Université Paris 13
  • Moustafa Bensafi - Université Lyon 1 - Centre de Neurosciences
  • Isabelle Cayeux - Firmenich
  • John Coveney - Flinders University
  • Claude Fischler - CNRS Centre Edgar Morin
  • Kees de Graaf - Wageningen University
  • Kai Victor Hansen - University of Stavanger
  • Heather Hartwell - Bournemouth University
  • Martine Laville - CENS - Université Lyon 1
  • Nathalie Martin - Nestle Research Center
  • Michel Rogeaux - Danone Research
  • Catherine Rouby - Université Lyon 1 - Centre Recherche Neurosiences Lyon
  • Bernard Ruffieux - INPG
  • Pierre Singer - ESPEN / Critical Care Medicine
  • Sandra Teston Bonnard - Icar
  • Gilles Trystram - Agro Paris Tech
  • Øydis Ueland - Nofima
  • Liesbeth Zandstra - Unilever R&D



The Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse is involved in the European Center for Nutrition and Health - CENS, a consortium of scientists and doctors, associating with public bodies and industrial partners to study issues linked to food consumption, nutrition and health.

More information: www.cens-nutrition.com

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