10 years anniversary Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center

On November 15, 2018

The Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center celebrates his 10 years anniversary and is positioned as the leader in scientific research on eating out and housing.

Since 2008, the Research Center of the Paul Bocuse Institute contributes through its scientific work oriented towards the improvement of the well-being of individuals through their food whatever their age and the context of meals. It has established itself, in France and internationally, as the leader in research on eating out and hospitality.


It has become a world reference in the study of meals, from the angles of pleasure and health, through a multidisciplinary collaborative scientific approach and methodologies of observation and experimentation in a real environment. As part of the prestigious campus of the Paul Bocuse Institute's International School of Management in Hotel Catering and Culinary Arts, this research center combines scientific knowledge with the know-how of professionals and experts from around the world and benefits from a Living Lab, a platform of installations unique in Europe. 


The Research Center of the Paul Bocuse Institute trains the future professionals, competent and open to the world of tomorrow, for industry, academy, public institutions. It has helped raise the professions of the hotel catering and cooking at the highest university degree. In 10 years, 21 theses have been funded with the help of foundations, private companies or public funds Its researchers and PhD students are conducting scientific projects in response to current and future societal challenges, at the heart of our news:

"Food at Work", "Food Releases in Children", "Food and Alzheimer's", "Analysis of Global Culinary Practices", "Tastes and Cancers", "Tastes and Obesity" .... Last year, a hundred communications, publications and conferences were given in France and worldwide. Thanks to its work, the Insitut Paul Bocuse Research Center promotes the evolution and the permanent adaptation of the teaching contents to the trends and evolutions observed.


Its Innovation in Business Services division aims to transfer scientific knowledge into applications - new products, new services, new methods - for all sectors of health, agribusiness and distribution in the hotel and restaurant industry. A Research and Innovation Committee composed today of some thirty leading companies makes it possible to share the results of its work with all sectors targeted through regular meetings.


The Research Center of the Paul Bocuse Institute plans to expand its reputation by strengthening its alliances with the world's largest centers. He has launched an international research program through the WorldWide Alliance of the Institut Paul Bocuse (23 hotel schools on 5 continents), a network called for cross-cultural creativity projects and consumer studies.

A project to extend its infrastructure including a new generation of Living Lab will develop experiments and observations. The technical resources will be enriched with new digital tools and new laboratories for testing sensory analysis and nutritional controls.


This new platform offers to integrate and apply this knowledge for: 


- Create new food offerings, benchmark them on sensory, nutritional and physicochemical levels and test them in real life, in different contexts of eating out consumption.

- Evaluate the production, characterize the supply and monitor the consumption and satisfaction at the service of the agribusiness and catering industries.

- Offer tasty, healthy and sustainable offers for consumers of industrial products, catering customers, for young people, from school to university, adults at work, leisure, traveling, seniors or sick in EHPAD, at the hospital ...


The projects at the Research Center aim to respond effectively to global demands in the context of the transformation of the food system, with the consumer as a central issue and to take up the societal challenge of eating well, to offer pleasure and health meals to the greatest extent and for all. 
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